Gymnastics leotards a men leotard

Presentation of Startner's know-how, creator of gymnastic leotards

Startner presents its collection of gymnastics outfits for gymnastics clubs but also for individuals. Through our models you will be able to personalize and create your own leotard. Leotards with or without sleeves, change the collar, the fabrics, the colors but you can also personalize your models with your own designs.

Thanks to our workshop we can assure you leotards and leotards on a very long term, we guarantee you your models on several years with very attractive prices which does not evolve every year.

Do not hesitate to contact us we are with your listening and we will be delighted to be able to meet you in order to present you our collection of justaucorps.

Gymnastics leotards a men leotard

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Showing 1-20 of 353 item(s)

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  • Price €0.00

    Gymnastics tracksuit jacket from Erréa.

    You can personalise it by adding your club's logo on the front and back of the jacket.

  • Price €20.83

    Our Startner team has designed these gym leggings for your training sessions.

    This breathable and stylish gym legging with its silver waistband is the ideal product for your workouts.

  • Price €33.33

    Gymnastics sokol

    The Startner team has developed this white gym sokol for your training and competition, from the beginner to the expert gymnast.

    This light and breathable sokol for men's gymnastics will ensure you have total freedom of movement during your practice.

  • Price €16.67

    This is a metallic fuchsia girls gym short:

    This functional model offers you the performance of a stretchy short for the most intense workouts

  • Price €25.83

    You practice gymnastics and you would like to have a leotard as chic as comfortable?

    Discover now and at the best price our leotard Gwen Grey. Our leotard has been specially made for gymnastics. We all know that this requires total comfort and excellent freedom of movement. This is what we offer you with Gwen Grey. Its grey colour is very elegant and discreet so that you can train in the best conditions. This outfit is made in France to guarantee you the best quality. It has never been so easy to work out while enjoying a beautiful sleeveless leotard

  • Price €10.83

    The Startner team has developed these new white gym shorts for your training and competition.

    These light, comfortable and breathable gym shorts will ensure you have total freedom of movement when training at the club.

  • Price €100.00

    The Startner team offers you a novelty

    The "Academic Gymnastics" leotard is a gym outfit that covers the legs and arms. This electric blue academic leotard combined with white piping on the forearms and lower leg will bring you grandeur and elegance! Its symmetrical shape on the chest filled with hundreds of rhinestones will dazzle your gestures in front of the Jury during competitions and trainings. You can personalize your leotard for your club with the colours of your choice.

  • Price €79.17

    Discover the gymnastics leotard Neige01 !

    This Neige-01 white lace gymnastics leotard from the Startner collection.

    It will ensure you an ease and a support during your gymnastics competitions.

    Under the beautiful white lace the leotard has been lined with a shiny glittery fabric on the sleeves and upper body.

    More than 100 rhinestones have been glued on to illuminate each apparatus you will be practicing.

    You can personalise your leotard for your club with the colours of your choice
  • Price €5.00

    Bottle of Liquid chalk 200 ml.

    Liquid Chalk is designed with a special desiccant, which can provide you with a strong grip in seconds and eliminate all the problems of excessive sweating.

    Ideal for the practice of gymnastics which require a firm grip, while avoiding the volatilization of chalk particles.

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    Price €35.00

    Discover the gymnastics leotard Octave01 !

    Leotard from the Startner 2021 collection for gymnastics.

    Gym leotard for boys. Sublimated lycra fabric in navy blue with a honeycomb pattern on which white and red gradient stripes have been stripped. Customisable for your gym club.

    Find your sokol and shorts that will fit best with this gym leotard.

  • Price €20.83


    Our team has designed these shorts for your training and warm-up sessions in competition. These gymnastics shorts are the chic shorts of our collection thanks to their many rhinestones!

  • Price €40.83

    Discover the gymnastics leotard  Nelly02 ! 

    The Startner collection offers you this Nelly-02 sleeveless gymnastics leotard in a black to fuchsia pink gradient.

    The gymnasts will be able to perform their movements with ease, in this leotard made in France.

    More than 100 silver rhinestones remind the white edging on the collar.

    You can personalise your leotard for your club with the colours of your choice.
  • Price €16.67

    These metallic royal blue shorts:

    Our Startner team created these basic shorts for your gym workouts. Ideal to perform your first elements in women's artistic gymnastics.

  • Price €20.83

    The Startner team has designed these gym leggings for gymnastics training.

    Ultra comfortable leggings with black elastic. It will accompany you in all your sessions.

  • Price €33.33

    The Startner team has developed this burgundy gym sokol for your training and competition.

    This light and comfortable gym sokol for men will give you total freedom of movement during your training.

  • Price €25.83

    It is never easy to find a leotard that meets all our needs. Startner has done everything possible to offer you a light and very comfortable garment. Discover our Gwen Gymnastics Leotard in black. Startner guarantees you all the comfort you need to train brilliantly. You will be ready to give your best during your competitions. Its black colour is very pleasant and will bring you all the elegance necessary to carry out your most beautiful acrobatics. Ordering a Gwen leotard is the assurance of having a garment made in France and with first choice materials. Finally, this model is very resistant so that you can keep it for many years without any problem.

Our company, specialized in the design of gymnastic clothes, puts all its know-how at your service. Established in Marseille, our brand STARTNER has an experience of more than 30 years in the field.

Thanks to a team of professionals with great skills, we offer you outfits for different gymnastics disciplines. Thus, we can answer all your requests.

STARTNER offers you a catalog with many references, available in different colors, but also designed from various fabrics. Also, we offer you the opportunity to choose your fabric to design your gymnastics outfit, but also your preferred color.

Having our own workshops, we can quickly respond to your requests, and offer you support in your project.

For this, we suggest you contact us to obtain more information on the product of your choice, but also to benefit from a totally free estimate and without obligation.

Each project will be studied by the team, whether it is for individual or group outfits, in order to offer you an advantageous rate, and to bring you our ideas.

Do not hesitate to contact us.